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High-Quality Home Safes in Sherwood Park, Alberta

Safes remain a popular choice when it comes to storing valuable items. However, this puts a lot of onus on choosing the right safe. With Strathcona Security Locksmiths, you get over 30 years of experience backing our service to help you choose the right safe. Our safes fit seamlessly into what you need and provide you with a reliable and secure option to keep your valuables in one place. The safes we offer come in various sizes, shapes, and functions all tailored to serve your needs and act as a durable storage method that can withstand it all. 

With our extensive range of secure safes, you will find the one that fits your needs. Visit us today and get the right safe!

Common Questions about Home Safes

Safes make an important component for any home or office today. Not only do they provide a space for important documents and valuables to be stored, but they also help ensure their safety and protection from both natural and man-made disasters.

We believe that you should have the right information before deciding to purchase a safe. For this, it's important to know what are your requirements and then go about finding the right safe. 

The following might help you with your search.

Do you still have a query? Reach out and we’ll be glad to help you out.

  • What Size Safe Should I Purchase?
    This is an important question, the answer to which would depend on your requirements and what you plan on storing in it. Choosing one that’s too small that it doesn’t store all that you need it to, or too big that it is cumbersome for what it's meant for can be an issue.
  • Where Should I Store My Safe?
    Storing your safe in a secure location is necessary. But it also helps that it is a place that remains accessible otherwise it’ll end up not getting used.
  • What Type of Fire Rating Is Best?
    For the best protection of the valuables in your safe should have at least a 1-hour fire rating. Safes with lower ratings won’t stand up to the conditions of a fire, and there’s a chance you might end up losing your valuables to the fire.
  • What Type of Lock Is Best for a Safe?
    Both dial and electronic locks are serviceable and durable should suffice for all your needs.

Reliable Safes

Explore our selection and find the best fit for your home, office, retail store, restaurant, or other business needs.

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