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Installing a Keyless Entry System in Sherwood Park, Alberta

Tired of using keys for your homes or safes? Don’t worry. At Strathcona Security Locksmiths, we have the ideal solution for you. Now avoid the hassles of carrying around keys and losing a track of them with our range of keyless entry solutions. With these high-security locks, we can help you get the comfort of a keyless entry every time you decide to step out of the house.

We make sure handling a keyless lock or deadbolt remains an easy and hassle-free experience for you and ensure it’s installed smoothly. In most cases, no door adjustments are required, so you can have a convenient transition from carrying your keys everywhere you go to using keyless entry. Just get them installed, set your security code and you’re done. Keyless deadbolts also allow you to freely add, change, or delete user codes in a matter of seconds, while the innovative turn lock feature allows you to lock and leave without a key.

What Makes Keyless Locks a Preferred Option?

There are plenty of security choices for home, office, car, etc., so much that at times it can seem overwhelming to decide what would fit best with your concerns. Keyless entry locks are everywhere these days.

They help in many ways:

Get the convenience of keyless access.

No more problems with losing your key.

Highly customizable to fit your security needs.

Ideal for all kinds of doors.

Easily replaceable and comfortable handling.

ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 Certified.

Fits standard doors.

Easy installation, so there is no need to run wires.

Battery operated with over three years of battery life.

Get Electronic Readers

We sell and install a wide range of control access systems ranging from ID card readers to key fobs and biometric scanners.

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