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Get High Security Lock Systems in Sherwood Park, Alberta

At Strathcona Security Locksmiths, we understand the feeling of vulnerability, that your loved ones or property may be at risk, as well as the anxiety that comes from uncertainty and fear. Protect your valuables against burglary and other potential accidents by installing high-security devices in your property in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, and surrounding areas.


In case we don't have the product you're searching for, we can order it in and have it sent to you in a day or two.

Take a look at the products offered by us:

Commercial Doors

Without a strong, commercial door, no lock will be as powerful as it should be. If safety is a concern for your business, it is necessary to not only get a high-quality locking device but also the resistant doors.

commercial door
residential door handle and lock

Commercial and Residential Locks

Locks have been broken into since ever they come into existence. But with the latest technology of building locks, we provide you with the highly secure commercial and residential locks that are geared to meet your different needs and provide you with the requisite safety measures.


Keeping up with the latest offering in keys, we provide highly secure keys that help assuage your safety concerns and make sure you have the right products available to safeguard your belongings. Our locksmiths can create key systems for cylinder-operated locks, padlocks, cam and cabinet locks, mortice locks, or any combination of these locks.



We carry a variety of safes to protect cash, jewellery, documents, and other valuables in the event of a burglary or theft. The options we offer include various sizes as well as smaller and heavier-duty depending on your home or business's requirements.

Keyless Entry

With keys slowly becoming a cumbersome item to carry, many have turned to modern-day digital solutions that offer keyless entry solutions. With a secure code keep all your belongings as safe and secure as you would with a regular lock and key. We offer you the guidance and secure keyless entry solutions that help you make a smooth transition and get rid of your key carrying worries.

keyless door
multilock door handle

High-Security Keys and Locks

High-security keys and locks help add extra layers of prediction to your normal lock and keyway protecting your belongings. They offer resistance to picking and attack and are more secure against break-in attempts. High-security keys and locks ensure your belongings are safe and secure.

Restricted Key Systems

In a restricted key system, keys can only be duplicated by an authorized person and new keys can only be cut by the master locksmith who originally produced the design. With a system of only authorities duplication of keys and a high level of sophistication required to build the key.

lock and keys
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